About Elizabeth

One thing I know from owning my own small businesses and working with other small business operators is that they struggle to know their actual product offering, they lack the systems and processes to allow for growth and they need more than 24 hours in every day to get stuff done.

To help small business owners overcome these problems, I have developed a business realignment process that incorporates all stakeholders in the business, not only just the business owners but their family members as well.

She uses her tried and true 8 step method that leads small business operators to implement systems and processes in their business that improve both productivity and profitability and leaves them feeling in control of their business.


I do this because I believe that by teaching small business operators the drivers of their business and how to systemise them, they will unlock their potential for running a successful business unit.

I have a reputation for working with small business owners to develop their strategic direction and define their product offering so that they can market direct to their target customer.

I do this because I believes that business should be linked closely to the owners’ passion in order for them to enter their business every day enthusiastic and driven to achieve results.

Business should be a pleasure not a chore.